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About 1United States

Helping People at Every Turn

Introducing 1 United States: Uniting as One Nation, One Body, One People, under One God


Based in Kansas City, Missouri, a beacon of hope and unity shines brightly through the efforts of 1 United States. We are a for profit organization, founded and owned by Marine Corps veteran Terrell Page Sr., embodies the spirit of compassion and community service, carrying forward the legacy of those who have served our nation. Our motto, "1 Nation, 1 Body, 1 People," encapsulates our commitment to fostering unity and support among all members of our society.


At 1 United States, our mission is crystal clear: to extend a helping hand to those in need, ensuring that no one in our community faces adversity alone. We firmly believe that by uniting as one nation, one body, and one people, we can overcome challenges, uplift spirits, and create a brighter future for everyone.


Terrell Page Sr.'s service in the Marine Corps instilled in him the values of honor, integrity, and selflessness, and these values continue to guide our organization's every action. We are dedicated to providing essential resources, offering guidance and being a pillar of support for individuals and families.

Our services can range from lawful assistance to basic needs. For example, we’ve helped a family regain custody of a set of twin boys along with providing those in need with resources by providing food, diapers, toiletries and locating housing.

We also dive into providing news and information as well as lawful studies to benefit those is dire need with nowhere else to turn or without resources for lawyers and private investigators.


We invite you to connect with us and learn more about how you can join our mission. Visit our website at or reach out to us at 1-234-564-0187. Together, let's embody the motto "1 Nation, 1 Body, 1 People" as we work hand in hand to build a stronger, more united community where everyone can thrive.

Meet our Founder: Terrell Page Sr

Terrell Page: A Visionary Leader with a Legacy of Service

Meet the driving force behind 1 United States: Terrell Page, a dedicated leader with a rich and diverse background, hailing from the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. Terrell's journey of service and community commitment has been marked by significant milestones and accomplishments, shaping him into the visionary founder of 1 United States.

Born in Kansas City and nurtured within the Baptist Church, Terrell Page's upbringing instilled in him a strong sense of faith, community, and responsibility. His educational path included private schooling at Tri-City Christian and Eagle Heights Christian School, eventually culminating in his graduation from The Plaza Academy.

Terrell's journey took an extraordinary turn when he answered the call to serve in the Marine Corps Logistics Squadron. During his time in the Marines, his leadership qualities shone brightly, and he was appointed as the head of the citizens' group in North Carolina. This early experience in organizing and leading community efforts set the stage for Terrell's lifelong dedication to making a positive impact.

Upon completing his military service, Terrell continued to champion community causes by becoming a board member of The Plaza Academy, serving on Mayor Cleaver's Board, and co-founding Kcogs (Keeping Communities on Guard). These roles allowed him to actively shape and influence the well-being of his beloved Kansas City.

Terrell's commitment to community empowerment didn't stop there. He also founded the Universal Entertainers Guild and Black Pages America, demonstrating his dedication to supporting and promoting minority businesses and talent. His passion for advocacy and community growth led him to roles as Head of Outside Sales for the Kansas City Call newspaper and Black Pages International, as well as Head Director and Sales at Missouri Investigations, working closely with former Kansas City police officer Bill Creamer.

Terrell's entrepreneurial spirit also thrived as he served as Head of Sales for US Pallet Management, collaborating with notable figures like NASA legends Craig Berberich and Larry Berberich, along with co-owner Army Ranger Steve Stritzinger.

One of Terrell's remarkable ventures was the establishment and management of United States Empire, a thriving car detailing business with 55 employees and three locations. United States Empire catered to esteemed clients, including City Hall, LC's Barbecue, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Kansas City Royals, further solidifying Terrell's reputation as a dynamic entrepreneur and community leader.

Terrell Page's deep dive into the realms of constitutional law ignited an idea of enlightenment and purpose, ultimately leading to the birth of 1 United States. His rich tapestry of experiences, unwavering commitment to service, and visionary leadership continue to drive 1 United States in its mission to unite as "1 Nation, 1 Body, 1 People," making a profound and lasting impact on communities near and far.

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